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Your mission. Your calling. That thing you ‘can’t not do’. The difference you can’t wait to make.

It’s wonderful.

It's compelling.

It's all consuming.

And it can be jolly scary too!

Just because your mission is your calling, doesn’t make leadership any less challenging. Feeling compelled to answer your calling can be a double edged sword – at once motivating and terrifying!

You know you ‘can’t not do it’ yet you’re all too aware of the mental monkeys running around your mind, asking questions like why me, can I really do it, am I enough?

How do I know this?

I’m on a mission too. My own mission is to help women to stop thinking, dreaming and playing small in their mission, by supporting them to be bold, brave and brilliant in leading change, creating impact and living a life that matters.

But here’s the thing….

Leading a mission, like any other leadership role, can be lonely and isolating, especially if you’re doing it on your own, and even when you have a team around you. As change leaders we need support, challenge, space, advice, understanding, inspiration and to know we are not alone.

And that's where I come in.

I help women on a mission, who want to be braver and bolder, to develop:

Blending over 25 years of leadership, coaching and mentoring experience, I support high achievers to take the next big step that will change everything for them in becoming better leaders, developing successful careers and leading lives that matter. Bringing into play a lifetime’s experience of being passionately curious about people and how we work! I also have a successful track record in working with teams and individuals to deliver highly complex change projects that really make a difference to the people and clients they serve.

I bring all of these skills and experience together – along with my passion for exceptional personal leadership, leading from the inside out – to help you show up powerfully in your personal and professional world. Whether your mission creates change in sport or on stage, in business or politics, or in the wider world – I can help you to be an unstoppable leader playing at the very top of your game, and making the difference to your mission that only you can make.

Our work together will be extensive. We will look at where you are in your mission, your ambitions and drivers, your dreams and goals. Your passion, your purpose, your plans and your people. We will uncover what holds you back and give you the tools to succeed!

What others say....

Sue is an extraordinary coach. I'd recommend her for anyone wanting to make a change or step up to a new level of performance in their mission: she will enable you to make the transition more quickly and completely than you might have dared hope.

Alison Jones, Director. Bramley, UK.

I have always believed in working with the best coaches in the world, and I believe Sue to be in that category.  She has helped me focus, gain clarity and connect with a deeper level of fulfilment in my mission and future plans.

Angela Durrant, Voice & Performance Coach. Wales, UK.

I highly recommend Sue to anyone wanting to break through to the next level of what they sense they are capable of in their mission. She has a natural warmth that makes her easy to engage with, combined with a well-grounded, professional approach that gets results.

Linda Cassells, Publisher. Auckland, NZ.

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